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  • Agility: Be prepared in advance for anything & everything. Fail early, fail fast & learn fast.
  • Innovation: Always look at problems from a different angle.
  • Integrity: COME WHAT MAY, always do the right thing.
  • Excellence: Leaving everything you touch better than you found it. A commitment to being the best.
  • Customer Obsession: Be mad about fixing your customers problems, be it an internal or external customer.



At Fliplearn, we regularly capture the pulse of our people through the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) surveys. A quick way to assess how the employees feel about an organization, this score is a true indicator of the levels of employee satisfaction and their loyalty. We truly believe that engaged employees are fully invested in their work and are more productive. Asking employees on a regular interval about how they feel, empowers them to bring more passion, energy, and creativity in every task they perform.

It’s no wonder, our eNPS survey conducted in Jan 2022 reflects an encouraging score of 62.

Extreme Ownership & Passion

We are present geographically in all parts of the country (with a few regional offices) and our sales & training teams operate independently out of home from these different locations. They are responsible for everything from lead generation to closing business deals and taking important decisions critical for business success . We don’t believe in work hour monitoring and no one has to mark attendance as this doesn’t imply people are "really present and tuned in" but ownership & passion does which is what leads us to become a happy place to work.

Fun @ Work:

We believe that when people are having fun at work, they are more engaged and energized. We want Flipions to be passionate about their work, to enjoy the company of their co-workers, to maintain a healthy work-life balance, to (compulsorily) take vacations from time to time, and then share stories about their vacations with us. We work together, laugh together, celebrate together and grow together.

Continuous Growth & Learning:

Continuous learning is an important priority - our mantra - ‘Fail Fast and learn Fast’. Our quarterly and midterm reviews ensure that we are quick in giving and receiving feedback with an immediate correction of the course. Our leaders ensure that each member of their team is learning at least one new skill or up skill. There is a continuous start-stop -continue exercise and the outcome is shared openly.

‘Leaders are Readers’ and reading books is a top priority which we encourage and hence round the year surveys are conducted to understand our reading score. We have a small in house library too!

Voice of Flipions:

We are all ears! A healthy system of listening is important to create a collaborative culture of high trust and high performance . We listen to employees through our ‘Trust Survey’, Regular ‘Pulse Surveys’, and one on one ‘Coffee Chats’ with our leaders.


A pat on the back, a word of appreciation can make your day! We actively promote peer recognition programs so that employees can show an appreciation for their colleagues. Several other campaigns like “Pillars Of Strength”, Unsung Heroes”, “Recognition & Rewards” are rolled out regularly.

Women at top leadership position:

A work culture focused on gender inclusion ensures that every employee, regardless of their gender identity feels supported and respected. Fliplearn actively advocates an ‘Inclusive Culture’ at workplace! We value diverse experiences and firmly believe in fostering an environment of respect and trust and thus have a 50% representation of women at top leadership positions.



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